Luna Docs is a simple, secure, end-to-end encrypted document editing and collaboration app. It is curently in private beta.


End-to-end encryption

Your documents are encrypted using 256-bit AES-GCM keys and shared using 256-bit elliptical curve cryptography (ECDH).

Post-quantum/quantum-safe cryptography

Post-quantum encryption is available and implemented using Kyber in hybrid mode in combination with standard ECDH.

Secure cloud syncing

The ciphertexts of your encrypted documents are sent over a secure connection and stored in redundant file storage in a datacenter in Switzerland. Even if an attacker got physical access to the disk in the storage facility, they would still not be able to view your data.

Crypto based authentication

Most sites send your password to the server in plaintext to verify a hash on the server side. Luna uses digital signatures to authenticate a user. Your password is never transmitted to the server. The signing uses 256-bit ECDSA or Dilithium (when post-quantum encryption is enabled) in hybrid mode in combination with ECDSA.

Live markdown editing

Editing documents uses an intuitive interface where the text is formatted in real-time as you type. Try it out for yourself by typing something like this:

# Hello world!

1. This is **bold text**
2. This is _italic text_

Focused editing

Luna creates a document outline based on the headings in your document and allows you to quickly jump to edit any section. The rest of the document will disappear allowing you to focus directly on the section you are working on.

Document export

You can export your documents as markdown or as encrypted (password protected) PDF files if you want to share them outside of Luna.